Riversmeet Labradors


Located in Tennessee, Rivers Meet Labrador Retrivers specializes in producing exceptional Labrador Retrievers.

We are Members of East Tennessee Retriever Club.


Welcome to Riversmeet Labradors.  We have had Retriever puppies for sale for many years, and will continue providing families like yours a wonderful Labrador addition in your family.  Many people like you seek Retrievers because they are attracted to their physical appearance, reputation as a family dog and good temperament. The Labrador lives up to these expectations and usually exceed them. They tend to share their affection freely with many.  They form special bonds with the person who trains them or whomever might spend the most  time with them but they never exclude anyone.  We at Riversmeet Labradors have always been committed to this standard and are confident our Labs will meet your expectations,100%.  Every Labrador Retriever we sell comes with AKC Registration papers.  We assure you that your Lab will be the dog that you have expected, and more.  We are Riversmeet Labrador experienced hobby breeders specializing in the AKC Labrador Retriever Breed.



Our Goal is to provide you with a gun dog to fit your needs. We specialize in breeding and training Started/Junior Dogs with exceptional pedigrees that can compete at the AKC or UKC Hunt Test level. We breed only Labradors  we believe will compliment and inhance the puppies' abilities.  If you are looking for a hunting or competition dog we can provide you with the right dog. 

We provide various types of dog training services: 

  1. Puppy Head Start
  2. Obedience Training
  3. Basic Gun Dog Training


During the spring and fall, we participate in American Kennel Club (AKC) and United Kennel Club (HRC) licensed hunt tests. Working retrievers are entered in the AKC and HRC hunt tests at the owner’s request.  


Merry Christmas, we have Christmas Puppies here at Riversmeet Labradors. Ready to go home second week of December 2016. We can hold them until Christmas day if needed. We have two Males that were born on October 25 2016.

Andy is a titled AKC Junior Hunter with lots of retrieving drive. She is a 55b female. She has duck hunted many seasons and has no problem with 20lb Sandhill Cranes. 

2X Master National Retriever Champion

Coal is a 60 pound, enthusiastic, male, black labrador retriever.  Extremely athletic, good looking, intelligent, and an excellent marker, this dog is by far the best dog I have ever owned.  Whether yard work or field work, he has great attitude and loves to train.  He is really a lot of fun.  A great family dog, Coal resides in the house with our family which includes three children.  

Amateur trained for the first 2 1/2 years, Coal then moved to pro-trainer Brian Caldwell of Chattanooga, Tennessee, to help finish up with his AKC Master Hunter title.  Coal has achieved six master passes needed two years in a row to become a 2X Master National Retriever Champion.

Coal’s lineage includes Sire - ’11 NAFC Cut A Lean Grade “Grady”.  The 2011 North American Field Champion, Grady, has produced many accomplished dogs including Trav, the 2012 North American Field Champion. http://www.paddlecreekretrievers.com/grady.htm

Dam to Coal is  RLA Powers Lean Cheyenne “Chy”.  Sired from FC-AFC Esprit’s Power Play X and Dam Bodines Lean Dusting Machine, both dogs have impressive pedigree.

Chy is a very intelligent retriever.  She is part of a group of litter mates owned and trained by Jody Ware.  Chy, Chloe, and Rip have earned well over 100 Master Hunter passes and eight Master National plates.

This litter will produce some exciting pups.

Please visit Mark L. Atwater for pictures of the Sire "Coal"